About Us

To most people, a wedding is a joyous occasion of two people entering the sacred union of a lifetime. But we are all about the fun and look at this wedding as an opportunity to throw a ridiculously amusing party! Here you can find the most clever and exciting ideas that will an extra zing to your wedding.

The intention is to add a touch of pizzazz that will make your wedding, unlike any ordinary wedding. From different ceremonies to unique dress codes to even bachelor parties! We’ve your back with our most bizarre and infrequent ideas. At different weddings, many women come across the thought of, ‘I wish I did that at my wedding’ and that’s when our ideas come handy also putting an end to such thoughts. We have listed out a number of quirky ideas so that new brides aren’t glued to their computer researching for hours!

These cool ideas will surely lure you into using at least one of them to recreate your wedding! You will be amazed to know how easy it is to turn your big day into something so unforgettable. Fun wedding ideas is a guide to having a wedding full of energy, exuberance, and excitement and we are giving away secrets to having a perfect and awesome wedding but in a fun way!